Fifa Chief Talks About New Technology After Blown Calls

06.30.10 | FL News Team

FIFA [[ FEE-fuh ]] president Sepp Blatter is apologizing for blown calls at this year's World Cup and is suggesting it may be time to try out new officiating technology. Blatter's comments come mainly in response to incidents in the Round of 16. He said after the officiating mistakes, quote, "it would be nonsense not to re-open the file on technology" that could help the referees.

 In its first game in the knockout stage of the tournament, England had a goal disallowed that should have stood in its 4-1 loss to Germany. The score would have tied the game a 2-all late in the first half. Meantime, a goal by Argentina was allowed to stand against Mexico, despite the fact Argentina attacker Carlos Tevez was offsides. Mexico lost that game 3-1. The United States was hurt twice by apparent poor calls during group play. The Americans had two seemingly good scores nullified by officials.