Fda Urged To Check Radiation Levels On Cell Phones

09.26.12 | Sarah Harnisch

The U.S. Accountability Office wants the F.D.A. to update its laws on cell phones. It's been 15 years since exposure limits were set. Phone companies warn you to keep your phone 1 inch from your head. Dr. Sankjay Gupta says there are ways to limit your exposure: use an earpiece, which will force you to keep the phone further from your body. Also, when you're having a hard time getting a signal, that's the time when the phone is emitting the highest levels of radiation. He says hang up. Children are more vulnerable because they will use cell phones their entire lives. The World Health Organization catagorizes cell phones as a possible cancer hazard, but since the first cell phones weren't prevelant till 1996, no long term studies have been completed yet.