Fda Details Findings From Inspections Of Egg Recall Farms

08.31.10 | FL News Team

The Food and Drug Administration has issued detailed reports on the possible causes of the recent egg recall involving Salmonella-tainted eggs from two producers.  FDA official Mike Taylor says the agency's inspectors found instances of both rodents and flies inside some of the poultry houses at Wright County Egg.  The report on Hillandale Farms of Iowa shows that egg producer had unsealed rodent holes at some of its facilities.

Late last week, the FDA said one early finding of their testing at the two egg producers was that Salmonella-tainted feed may have contributed to the Salmonella outbreak that prompted the recall of 550-million eggs.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says nearly 15-hundred cases of Salmonella illness from the tainted eggs have been reported since May.  FDA official David Elder says neither Wright County Egg nor Hillandale Farms is allowed to ship shell eggs until the FDA is satisfied the Salmonella problem has been resolved.