Fda Approves Changes To Oxycontin

04.06.10 | FL News Team

A new formulation of the powerful painkiller OxyContin has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration. The new version will be a tamper-resistant drug, which Purdue Pharma and regulators say will make it harder to abuse. OxyContin is a favorite among drug abusers because it has large amounts of oxycodone, a potent opioid pain killer. The new version will prevent the medication from being cut, crushed, dissolved, broken or chewed, which reduces the risk of overdose.

 The FDA said while the new formulation will probably cut the amount of abuse by injection or snorting the medication, it can still be abused by taking more than the recommended dosage. An FDA spokesman said while the new version of OxyContin is just an "incremental" step up in preventing abuse, it, quote, "is still a step in the right direction." The agency is requiring Purdue Pharma to study to look at the extent of misuse and abuse of the new version.