Fcc To Announce New Rules Net Neutrality

09.21.09 | FL News Team

The Federal Communications Commission plans to propose new rules requiring so-called "Net Neutrality." The regulations would require Internet providers to be sure all Web traffic is treated equally. Consumers would benefit because they'd be able to use a computer, smartphone, PDA or other device to access bandwidth-hogging services ranging from online music to TV broadcasts. The proposals aren't expected to make wireless phone carriers happy. Many have been known to slow or even block online traffic when it's produced by a competitor or uses enough bandwidth to threaten slowing the whole network.


Some tech industry experts believe if new rules are passed that require more freedom for customers, carriers will begin rethinking their price structures and charging more for those who use the most bandwith or, perhaps, even capping the amount of data a customer can send and receive with a particular plan. The FCC proposals could become official rules when the agency meets in October.