Fcc Proposes Free And Open Internet Access From All Platforms

09.22.09 | FL News Team

The Federal Communications Commission wants to see unrestricted Internet access across America. FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski has addressed The Brookings Institution saying, quote, "The Internet is an extraordinary platform for innovation, job creation, investment, and opportunity." He said "it is vital that we safeguard the free and open Internet." To do that, the commission wants to prevent Internet access providers from discriminating against any content or application. A new proposal would ban slowing or blocking access no matter what platform a person is using to access the Internet.


The commission already has certain guidelines in place for Internet service providers. They ask providers to affirm that consumers can access lawful content, applications and services of their choice and that they can attach non-harmful devices to the service. The FCC wants to make all of those suggestions plus the new open Internet proposal into law and may do so at a meeting in October.