Fbi Investigating Christian Politician Christine Odonnell

12.30.10 | Sarah Harnisch

   Delaware Senate candidate and Tea Party favorite Christine O'donnell is now the subject of a federal criminal investigation. The FBI is trying to determine if o'donnell illegally used campaign money to pay for rent, meals, and numerous other personal expenses. Part of the allegations center around a woman's testimony-- a woman who worked for her in 2008. Now, the Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington-- or C.R.E.W.-- has filed a complaint with the F.B.I. and asked for an investigation.
   O'Donnell was speaking with the press this morning. She said the woman worked for her in 2008, even though the complaint was filed for alleged incidents in 2009. O'Donnell said she had to fire the employee after 10 days of work because of her behavior.
   She also explained the allegations of using campaign cash for rent. She says there is a townhouse where out-of-state staffers are allowed to stay. She says when her home was vandalized, she took the townhome as her permenant residence for safety. But she also added she pays the campaign-- every month-- to stay there. It's not paid for with campaign cash, but the other way around.
   O'Donnell says no one from the government has even contacted her on an investigation.