Fast Food Meat Standards Better Than In Schools

12.09.09 | FL News Team

Millions of pounds of chicken and beef provided for schools by the government would not meet safety standards of most fast-food restaurants. That's according to a "USA Today" investigation which found that the U.S. Department of Agriculture provided thousands of pounds of chicken meat that was on the verge of being used for pet food or compost. Referred to as "spent hens" because they are past their egg-laying prime, the same chicken meat was turned down by KFC and Campbell's Soup Company. The investigation found that the USDA purchased beef that would have been rejected by fast-food chain eateries. Also, restaurants test ground beef for bacteria and dangerous pathogens five to ten time more than the USDA does on beef bound for schools. USDA officials countered by saying meat purchased for school lunch programs is of superior quality and that has a "zero-tolerance" policy in rejecting meat that tests positive E. coli and salmonella.