Faith Based Groups Buy More Time Before Contraception Bill Kicks In

02.08.12 | Sarah Harnisch

Faith-based groups have been given an extra year before they have to offer birth control pills through their health insurance plans, even if it goes against their religious beliefs. The offer, made as a concession by President Obama yesterday, to angry Catholic groups. The President said he wants to use the year to have representatives from Christian hospitals and universities to come to the White House and talk to him about how they feel. White House spokesman Jay Carney said "the purpose of these discussions is so we can see if there's a way to ensure that we can implement policies that provide birth control to women, and to allay some of their concerns."  The policy would require groups that do not believe in birth control to pay for it for their employees. It includes sterlization surgeries like tubal ligations, and products like the morning after pill.