Faas Pilot Experience Requirements To Remain Unchanged

12.11.09 | FL News Team

The head of the Federal Aviation Administration signaled yesterday that the agency will not be backing a call for an increase in pilot experience requirements. The families of the 50 people killed when Continental Flight 3407 crashed into a home near Buffalo, New York in February have been pushing for stiffer requirements ever since the accident. Despite their efforts, FAA Administrator Randy Babbitt informed a Senate Commerce Committee on Thursday that an earlier proposal boosting the number of flight hours new pilots must have would be scrapped. Babbitt said the FAA is rewriting the proposal with no intention of increasing flight hours. Instead, Babbit said the emphasis will be on special training exposure to icing, multiple-pilot operations and other areas of commercial aviation. He called the decision, which did not sit well with the Flight 3407 families, quote "more targeted than merely increasing the number of total flight hours required."