Eu Chief Warns Somalia Could Become New Afghanistan

09.24.09 | FL News Team

The European Union's humanitarian chief is warning that Somalia could become the "new Afghanistan" unless Western nations intervene with the tools necessary to stop al-Qaeda from gaining leverage in the Horn of Africa nation. Karel De Gucht stresses the al-Qaeda influence in Somalia is growing. He notes al-Qaeda is on the watch for failed states in which to establish strongholds. De Gucht says the Afghan government struck a deal with the Taliban, which can't be allowed in Somalia or there will be a "new Afghanistan." The UN-backed government of President Sheikh Sharif Ahmed is being rocked by Islamist insurgents. On Wednesday, they killed at least a dozen people during an attack on African Union peacekeepers in the capital of Mogadishu.


De Gucht says more resources should be provided to peacekeepers in Somalia to turn back the insurgents. However, he emphasized it's vital that Western nations invest more money to help the government stand on its own feet and provide basic public services such as healthcare.