Eog Banned From Drilling After Pa Well Blowout

06.08.10 |

EOG Resources has been ordered to halt natural gas drilling operations in Pennsylvania after a fiery well blowout last week that spewed around 35-thousand gallons of toxic drilling fluid into the air. The state Department of Environmental Protection is investigating the June 3rd blowout, which forced the evacuation of eight EOG workers and prompted the FAA to impose a temporary no-fly zone over the well in Pennsylvania's Marcellus Shale rock formations. A preliminary investigation indicated there may have been a problem with the well's blowout preventer. EOG can't drill in Pennsylvania for up to a week and is banned from using hydraulic fracturing techniques -- called "fracking" -- on natural gas wells for up to 14 days. In a statement Monday, the Department of Environmental Protection said the suspension will remain in effect until a full investigation is completed and EOC makes any necessary changes.