Eight Killed In Attack On Sri Lankan Cricket Team

03.03.09 | FL News Team

India is being accused by the government of Pakistan in connection with a deadly incident today. The attack by a dozen gunmen involved armaments ranging from rifles and grenades to rockets and the targets were members of the Sri Lankan cricket team.

The attackers reportedly fired AK-47s along with rockets at the team bus as it was on its way to Gaddafi stadium for the third day of a contest with the Pakistani team. Eight people were killed in Tuesday's attack that witnesses say lasted nearly a half hour.

Among the dead are six police officers and two Australian umpires. Six players were wounded along with a British coach. The driver of the bus is being called a hero for maneuvering the big taxi to safety while the attackers were spraying the vehicle with bullets and flattening the tires.

The first shot fired was, according to the driver, a rocket.  Mehar Mohammad Khalil says the shot missed the bus and hit a power pole. 

People who track these things can't come up with any reason that the Sri Lankan cricket team would be targeted unless someone simply wants to send a message to westerners that no visitors are safe.

A Pakistani minister is accusing India of being behind today's attack. Minister Sardar Nabil Ahmed Gabol claims, "this was a conspiracy to defame Pakistan internationally."