Early Voting In Pennsylvania

12.15.08 | Alan Gustafson

Several state lawmakers plan to introduce legislation that would bring early voting to Pennsylvania. That would allow voters to cast their ballots before an election. It is a move that supporters say would make it more convenient to vote.

Rep. Eugene DePasquale, D-York, says, "We want to make it more flexible for working families, for senior citizens, and for avoiding long lines on Election Day. We need to make it easier for qualified voters to vote in Pennsylvania.''

Rep. Scott Conklin, D-Centre, says early voting in other states helped ease lines in the last presidential election. Early voting is allowed in more than 30 other states, including Arizona, California, Colorado and North Carolina.

Political consultant Charlie Gerow thinks early voting carries potential drawbacks if done too early. He says, "Suppose an important issue developed late in a campaign, one that would impact the voting...and people had already voted." Still, Gerow says early voting popularity will continue to grow.