Doctors Probe Thyroid Cancer Ground Zero Link

07.06.10 | FL News Team

(New York, NY)  --  Health officials are investigating whether toxic conditions at Ground Zero may have triggered a wave of thyroid cancer cases among 9-11 rescue and recovery workers.  The disease affects the thyroid gland at the base of the neck.  The "New York Post" reports the WTC Medical Monitoring and Treatment Program has started contacting 9-11 responders who have been diagnosed with thyroid cancer.

Doctors are already looking into the high incidence of certain blood cancers in patients who worked at the former World Trade Center site, but it's believed this is the first such probe to focus on a tumor cancer.  Court papers filed in February 2009 as part of a case brought against New York City by ten-thousand rescue and recovery workers cited 51 cases of thyroid cancer, making it the seventh most common type of cancer claimed by 9-11 responders.