Doctor Vacation Time Is Good For Your Health

05.21.09 | FL News Team

With federal legislation being announced regarding paid vacation in the United States, the word is spreading about the benefits vacations have on your mental and physical health. Dr. Arnold Pallay with Changebridge Medical Associates in Montville, New Jersey says multiple studies have been done that link the health of both men and women with the amount of vacation time they take each year.

Pallay says that studies show that regular vacations can reduce the rates of heart disease and depression by nearly half. He says now that nearly 150 countries have paid vacation laws on the books, it is time for the U.S. to follow suit to make sure residents get the rest they need to help keep their health in good standing.

Florida Democratic Congressman Alan Grayson is introducing the Paid Vacation Act of 2009 later this week, which would make paid vacations mandatory.

The Money Factor

The economy and unemployment fears are keeping some workers from taking a vacation, however. According to CareerBuilder's annual vacation survey, 35-percent of people with jobs say they have not or won't go on a vacation this year.

For 71-percent it is because they do not think they can afford one, but nearly 20-percent are afraid to take time off. These people note taking a vacation would spark fear of losing their job or feelings of guilt for being away.

or many employees, having time off does not necessarily mean they can forget about work, either. Two out of five employers surveyed admit they expect their vacationing staff to check in if they are leaving while in the middle of a big project, or if the company is involved in addressing a major issue.  

Meanwhile, ten-percent of bosses do not have any qualifying reason but still want employees to check in while on vacation. Just under a third of employees who are taking vacation time this year say they will be keeping in touch with the office while they are gone, no matter what is happening at work while they are away.