Disney Character Lends His Voice To Gay Ad

05.06.11 | Sarah Harnisch

  A cherished Disney character is lending his voice to a pro-homosexual t.v. ad. Some viewers were shocked to see "Woody", the cowboy doll from the popular Toy Story films, appear on their television screens Wednesday night. It was all part of a spot for Google's "It Gets Better" campaign. The project encourages young people with homosexual urges to pursue that lifestyle, in spite of bullying by their peers. It features various homosexuals and celebrities-- like Anne Hathaway, Lady Gaga, Adam Lambert, and Cathy Griffin-- telling people "it gets better." Woody appears toward the end of the spot saying "you'll be fine, partner." Alan Chambers of Exodus International, a ministry that helps people who are impacted by homosexuality, says he was surprised that they would use a children’s character for the project. He told the Christian Post “children all over the world, including my two children are fans of ‘Toy Story,’ and to see a character like that endorsing something that at this point children have no need to know about, it’s disappointing."