Dimmock Water Woes Continue

12.06.11 | Bob Price

          Residents of Dimmock, Pennsylvania continue to find themselves in the middle of what is becoming a national controversy over gas drilling.
          Cabot Oil and Gas has stopped supplying that town with drinking water after wells were contaminated from a drilling accident 3 years ago.  The D-E-P says the well water is safe but many in Dimmock disagree.           
          Fresh water supplies are starting to come in from other areas.  a water truck from Binghamton, showed up in dimock last night.
          Binghamton's mayor, Matt Ryan is an environmental lawyer, and says he just wants to help a neighbor in need.  Binghamton is about 30 miles north of Dimmock.  The pennsylvania community voted last night not to accept any more mutual aid for it's water woes.