Diet Study Its All Good

02.26.09 | FL News Team

Pick a diet, any diet. As long as it's a sensible one that cuts calories, it will work. That is the finding out of the Harvard School of Public Health. Researchers put 811 overweight or obese people on one of four popular diets.

Two were low-fat, two-were low-carb. Everyone was told to exercise at least 90 minutes a week and all received diet counseling. And everyone cut at least 750 calories a day without falling below the 12-hundred-calorie-a-day mark. 

After two years, everyone had lost weight. The average was 14 pounds, but people kept off only an average of nine pounds. Even so, volunteers had dropped an average of two inches from their waistlines. And 15-percent, or about 120 people, lost at least ten-percent of their body weight.

Researchers concluded that people should stop worrying about which eating plans work better and pick the one they can stick with. The results are published in the "New England Journal of Medicine."