Did President Obamas Economic Stimulus Plan Work

02.17.12 | Sarah Harnisch

It was three years ago today that President Obama signed the 787-billion dollar economic stimulus plan. The plan included tax breaks, unemployment checks, and shovel-ready projects. Did it work? Last month the President said "our economy is getting stronger. The recovery is accelerating. America is coming back." But those on the campaign trail are quick to criticize. Mitt Romney said Thursday "the President is not going to get credit for this economy coming back. He's going to get blamed for taking so long." Rick Santorum said "this President is not interested in providing jobs, he's interested in providing benefits." There are some signs of economic growth. The Dow is 100 points away from hitting 13-thousand for the first time in four years. General Motors, one of the car companies that was bailed out by the President, posted its biggest profit in two decades last year. They recently rehired 750 workers.

But the overall picture is more grim. Unemployment in 2008 when the President took office was 8.1 percent, a 25 year high. Today, it's 8.3 percent.  The nation's debt is at an all time high: 15-trillion-dollars, and counting. And 12-million Americans remain unemployed.