Democratic Congressman Eric Massa Resigns

03.09.10 | FL News Team

Democratic Congressman Eric Massa of New York has resigned amid an ethics probe into harassment of another man. But Massa, who claimed the White House and the Democratic Party were out to get him, did not go quietly. In a radio interview, Massa called White House chief of staff Rahm Emanuel, quote, "the son of the devil's spawn." Massa claimed Emanuel, quote, "would sell his mother to get a vote," and "would strap his children to the front of a steam locomotive." Massa criticized Emanuel for confronting him in a gym shower over a congressional vote, one of the few Democratic votes against healthcare reform.

 Massa was the target of a House Ethics Committee probe over alleged sexual harassment. That stemmed from a New Year's eve incident in which Massa admitted he made inappropriate remarks to a male staffer. A third man actually filed the complaint, saying Massa's remarks made him feel uncomfortable. Massa says he was guilty in the incident, but nonetheless contends the Democrats forced him from office so they can pass healthcare reform legislation. The 50-year-old Massa represented the 29th Congressional District in New York. He resides in the city of Corning