Demint Takes Aim At Npr Funding

10.22.10 | FL News Team

(Washington, DC)  --  In the wake of NPR-Juan Williams controversy, one lawmaker is taking aim at the funding for the public media outlet.  A spokesman for South Carolina Senator Jim DeMint says he plans to bring legislation to end funding for NPR.  Williams was fired from the outlet after saying on the Fox News Channel that he would be nervous and worried if someone in Muslim garb was on a plane with him.

NPR issued a statement on its website calling Williams a valuable contributor, while at the same time insisting his remarks were not consistent with the editorial standards of NPR and his contract was being terminated. NPR President and CEO Vivian Schiller raised even more eyebrows when she suggested Williams should have made his comments to his "psychiatrist or publicist."

Williams says NPR has crossed a line. In a statement posted on, Williams says NPR fired him for telling the truth.