Defense Team Assembled For War Over Doma

04.19.11 | Sarah Harnisch

 The biggest Christian legal group in the country says the U.S. House is heading in the right direction in its defense of the Defense of Marriage Act.
   On Monday, the House announced the names of the legal team that will be defending traditional marriage in America. Former Solicitor General Paul Clement was chosen as the lead counsel. Clement was the top appellate litigator during part of the George W. Bush administration, and a staunch defender of marriage between one man and one woman. There's no word yet on how he plans to launch his defense, but Christian legal group Alliance Defence Fund said Monday the House made an excellent choice in Clement, and they will do everything they can to put the full weight of their organization behind him. The Defense of Marriage Act passed in 1996 by overwhelming majorities in both the House and Senate.  Forty-five states have laws defining marriage as the union of a man and a woman. If you want more information on Paul Clement, go here.