Daylight Saving Time Begins This Weekend

03.06.09 | FL News Team

Daylight Saving Time returns this weekend. Clocks will be moved ahead an hour at 2am local time on Sunday in most of the United States and its territories. Hawaii and most of Arizona do not observe the time change, however.

A majority of Americans responding to a recent Back to Nature survey say they enjoy the extended sunlight, with 70-percent noting it lifts their mood and makes them happy. In addition, 84-percent intend to spend that time outside.

However, outside doesn't necessarily mean in nature. The Nature Conservancy statistics show that visits to parks and participation in activities such as fishing and hiking have declined by 18-to-25-percent since 1981. But for those who'd like to spend their outdoor time without all the urban trappings, it can be as simple as stepping out into your backyard.