Dangerous Weather Poised To Slam Pa Ny Today

07.26.12 | Sarah Harnisch

Forecasters say it could possibly be the most dangerous weather day of the year today, but our newsroom is here to arm you with information. First, a line of thunderstorms crossed from Lakes Erie and Ontario into Western New York and Pennsylvania. It superheated the air and made it dry and sticky. This afternoon, a cold front will move in from Ohio, creating the perfect environment for a super storm. The National Weather Service is predicting possible tornadoes, winds in excess of 60 miles per hour, hail, blinding lightening and flash floods; and the storms will be pop-up storms, meaning you may not see them coming.

If you are in a lightening storm, always seek shelter indoors, and never under trees. If you are in a tornado, never park under an overpass and never seek shelter in a ditch. The best place to get shelter if you are outside and not near any structures is in your vehicle. Sit on the floorboards and cover your head. For safety tips from a stormchasing team that covered the Joplin tornado and the Tuscaloosa tornado, as well as Hurricane Katrina, go here.

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