Dad Finds 45 Grand In Attic Of New Home

05.20.11 | Sarah Harnisch

   A family bought their first home in Salt Lake City, Utah this week, and when they were checking things out, they found 45-thousand dollars tucked away in a garage attic. Then they gave it back. Josh Ferrin and his wife found a hidden door behind a piece of cloth in the garage, and behind that door-- 7 metal boxes stuffed with tightly wound rolls of cash bundled together with twine. Ferrin tried to hunt down the home's previous owner to give it back, when he learned it was actually a group of adult kids that were trying to sell off the house of their father, who had just died in November. His father, a depression survivor, had left him hidden wads of cash upon his death, and apparently, he wanted to make it a family tradition. The man's kids had no idea the cash was there. Ferrin says it was tough to hand it over, with a car that doesn't run and improvements to make on their new home-- as well as hopes to adopt a baby. But he knew that honesty is the best policy-- and he gave it back.