Cuomo Calls Common Core Implementation Flawed

02.25.14 | Bob Price

(WBEN) - While in Amherst on Monday, Governor Andrew Cuomo spoke his strongest words on the Common Core curriculum since it was adopted.

"I believe it's the right way to go, long term," Cuomo said. "I also believe the implementation has been flawed and has been too hasty. That's created a lot of anxiety and we have to slow down the implementation."

Cuomo says some of the anxiety has been caused by a test scoring system that is vastly different from years past. "This was very different from the past curriculum, and it was almost traumatic to the system. Children who would get grades in the nineties were now coming home with grades that were in the sixties."

The Governor believes that parents and students weren't properly briefed on the new grading criteria, and that has created headaches, especially with college-bound high schoolers.

Cuomo went as far as saying that he is actively working to push back implementation.

"I think the implementation of it was flawed. I'm working with the legislature about slowing the actual rate of movement towards the common core curriculum."