Cuomo Bill Bans Smoking At Playgrounds

07.15.13 | Abby Lutcher

The ban is in effect from sunrise to sunset when anyone under twelve years old is there. The aim is to protect children from secondhand smoke. According to the Centers for Disease Control, secondhand smoke can cause respiratory infections, frequent and severe asthma attacks as well as a greater risk for infant death syndrome. People at one Elmira’s Grove Street Park agree with the Governor's law, saying the benefits outweigh the risks. Still, not everyone agreed. “I think outside they shouldn't ban that.  They are going to have a lot of people mad at them,” said Shani Turner. A lot of people especially in Elmira smoke cigarettes. Even if we are at a park, it’s fresh air. It's not like the smoke is going into their face.” “Some smokers might have a problem with it,” said Andrea Lampman. “But I think it's good for the kids.” The law is set to take effect 90 days from its signing on Friday.