Court Could Rule On Casino Issue In Ny

10.09.13 | Bob Price

A court could decide this Friday if a referendum to expand casino gambling in New York was uncommonly reworded to include rosy benefits and whether that language as it appears on the ballot was approved illegally in secret. The referendum, that voters will decide on election day, November 5th, was reworded to promise more jobs, tax cuts and aid for schools.  A Brooklyn attorney says the wording on the ballot was changed “after” the Board of Elections signed off on it and that violate the NY’s Open Meetings Law.  Governor Cuomo says he had nothing to do with the pro-casino language.  The chairman of the state Conservative Party calls the referendum the biggest hoax ever perpetrated on the taxpayers of New York.  If approved, that ballot issue could pave the way for the creation of up to 7 Vegas-like casinos in NY.