Corbett Not Ready To Announce Support Yet In Presidential Race

03.01.12 | Bob Price

Hoping to gain further support of his proposed budget, Gov. Tom Corbett made another stop in the region on Wednesday when he toured the Juniata Locomotive Shop of Norfolk Southern in Altoona. He got a firsthand look at the assembly of locomotives and talked one-on-one with workers, but when the tour was complete he met with members of the media.

Which GOP candidate does Corbett support? It's a question on many people's minds and one that was asked of the governor on Wednesday.

Corbett hasn't come out and endorsed anyone yet and when asked which way he's swaying, he had no comment.

One of the hopefuls has a direct tie to the region. Former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum has made a name for himself in the primaries. So far he's won some big states like Iowa and Minnesota. On Tuesday night he narrowly lost to Mitt Romney in Michigan by only 3 percent. Michigan is Romney's home state.

If Santorum continues to be a frontrunner in the polls, Corbett said it will bring a lot of attention to the region.

"We're going to see an impact if the battle is still going on by April 24," said Corbett. "The week or two weeks before that you'll see a lot of spending, you'll see the media here, so you'll see a lot of spending at that time. "

It's not certain when Corbett will announce an endorsement.