Continental Airlines Offers Legroom For A Price

03.04.10 | FL News Team

Beginning March 17th, Texas-based Continental Airlines will offer flyers a little more room to stretch out, for a price. Passengers in coach will be given a chance to pay extra for seats that have seven or more inches of extra legroom. Customers can purchase the seats when they check in online or at the airport up to 24 hours before their plane departs. Elite frequent flyers will not be affected by the extra charge. The airline says costs will vary, with expanded legroom possibly at a discount on a holiday.

 Continental joins other airlines that charge extra for the most desirable seats in an effort to make the cash register ring with additional revenue. says extra legroom or a seat in the exit row cost more on JetBlue and AirTran. The "Choice Seats" program implemented by US Airways allows passengers to purchase an aisle or window seat for an extra five to 30 bucks. Virgin America offers what it calls "Main Cabin Select" in which nearly six inches of extra space comes with complimentary food and drinks.