Conservative Presidential Field Shaken Up Over The Weekend

08.15.11 | Sarah Harnisch

   Tim Pawlenty is out of the Presidental race. Texas Governor Rick Perry joined in. Michelle Bachmann came in first place in the straw poll Saturday, with Ron Paul just 200 votes on her tail. What happens next? In the next 60 days, there are 5 presidential debates scheduled, a series of standoffs that amount to a testing ground for the top tier Republican candidates as the campaign picks up momentum. The dates come in quick succession after Labor Day. The first debate is September 7th in California. After that, the dates are September 12th, 22nd, October 11th, and October 18th. Mitt Romney has committed to all 5. Michelle Bachman-- the first 3; and Texas Governor Rick Perry-- the newest entrant into the race-- has made no decisions on any of the debates, though he has the most to prove.