Congressman Reed Wants More Liheap Funds For Ny

01.08.14 | Bob Price

Congressman Tom Reed says he thinks New York State should get more federal funds for the state's Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program.

The Congressman announced this week he'll introduce a bill in the coming days that seeks to direct more heating assistance funds to parts of the country that get colder weather than others.

He says since 1981, the LIHEAP formula has become too general and that states like New York should be getting more money.

“We're talking about home heating in states in particular where it is not a luxury but a necessity,” says Reed. “We've worked over the last year in the last Congressional session to try to get recognition for the formula to give preference, if you would, to these colder weather areas.”

Reed says the old formula, before it changed, could have provided $100 million dollar to low income New York families in recent years. He says the bill has received bipartisan support.