Concerns About Student Housing

06.19.13 | Abby Lutcher

Sarah Worley, organized petition, says, “Of the three local college towns, State College, Altoona, and Huntingdon, Huntingdon is the only one that has no ordinances in place that place any kind of restriction or set of standards in place for landlords as it related to student rentals." And Tuesday night, many set out to change that. Bringing a petition signed by 75 people to the borough council. Jennifer Clark, Huntingdon, says, “The people in the borough were bringing it to me, bringing it to one another. There was dissatisfaction. They want the borough to do something." Specifically put in place regulations on student and other rental properties--like having a max number of rentals allowed per block, removing "for rent" signs in windows, and regulating student parking. And while not everyone is on board, there was a solid showing of supporters at Tuesday night's meeting. Worley adds, “We got a very positive response from the citizens who signed the petition. Many voiced similar concerns."