Computer Virus Targets Iranian Nuclear Facility

09.27.10 | FL News Team

Iranian nuclear facilities appear to be under attack -- by a worm.  A complex computer virus was discovered in July and computer security experts believe it was designed with a very specific target.  The Iranian Bushehr nuclear plant that had been scheduled to go online next month.  The worm, dubbed Stuxnet, can reportedly take over computer systems that control industrial operations but only a very specific Siemens designed system used by Iran.  Most experts believe the worm was developed by a government someplace in the world because of its sophistication and, because about 50-percent of the computers infected seem to be in Iran.  

Computer security experts believe Stuxnet is the first worm ever created specifically to take over industrial control systems.  The objective of most computer worms is to manipulate or steal data.  The Stuxnet worm has also been found in industrial plants in Indonesia, India and the U.S.