Companies Sued Over Purported Hot Dog Cancer Link

07.23.09 | FL News Team

A non-profit organization called the Cancer Project has declared war on hot dogs. The Washington, DC-based group filed a class-action consumer fraud lawsuit against several food manufacturers, claiming they failed to warn consumers about the purported link between hot dogs and colorectal cancer. The suit was filed yesterday in Superior Court in Essex County, New Jersey on behalf of three Garden State residents. Named in the lawsuit are companies including Nathan's Famous, Kraft Foods/Oscar Mayer, Sara Lee, Con Agra Foods and Marathon Enterprises. The Cancer Project is asking the court to force those companies to stamp all hot dog packages with a warning that reads, quote, "Consuming hot dogs and other processed meats increases the risk of cancer.


The lawsuit filed by the Cancer Project yesterday cites a 2007 report by the unaffiliated American Institute for Cancer Research. The report found eating about one hot dog's worth of processed meat a day increases a person's risk of getting colorectal cancer by 21-percent. The institute released a statement today saying, quote, "AICR does not take a position on the need for warning labels on hot dogs."