Community Cares For Unwanted Child

03.13.12 | Jeremy Miller

Baby Adam

Raja and Jessica Paulraj think their son, Adam is beautiful, even though most would disagree. Adam was born las September 18th at a Christian Missionary hospital in India. He entered this life without eyelids, no nose, no hands, his legs fused together and with several other deformities. However, Adam's brain, lungs and heart were fine. His birth parents decided to either abandon or kill Adam, but Jessica and Raja worked at the hospital and fell in love with the boy. Soon after, they decided to adopt him. Adam was diagnosed with the rare genetic disorder Bartsocas-papas Syndrome. The couple knew their new baby boy would need special medical treatment. Jessica e-mailed her friend in the U.S., searching for anyone who could help. Adam was brought to America and was immediately treated by a team of doctors at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill. He needed several surgeries, some immediately and others later on. The doctors decided to donate their time for his care and went to work. Adams hospital bills were still sky-high, even with the medical team's volunteer efforts. When word got out about Adam's situation, people from all over the area came to his rescue. David Anderson, President of the Medical Foundation of North Carolina, organized a fundraiser that collected an incredible $100,000 in its first week. Adam's first surgeries targeted his immediate needs and for the first time in his life, Adam was able to close his eyes and mouth. Adam will eventually have the use of prosthetic hands and legs. His doctors say he is perfect, but he will never be normal by the world's standards. Either way, Adam has already brought an entire community together. Even other patients have taken an interest and always ask how he's doing. Meanwhile, the Paulraj's say they will continue to delight in the everyday joys of parenthood with their very special little boy. You can follow their journey at

Baby Adam 2