Common Core Panel Releases New Recommendations

03.11.14 | Bob Price

A panel looking at the way the “Common Core” educational standards were implemented in New York State has issued a series of new recommendations.

The panel, formed by Governor Andrew Cuomo in early February, unveiled the recommendations in a report released Monday.

Here are a few of the recommendations;

Protect Students from Inappropriate High-Stakes Testing 

• Ban standardized “bubble tests” for young children
• Protect students from high stakes based on unfair test results
• Use instructional time for teaching and learning – not over-testing

Provide Better Support for Parents and Teachers

• Treat parents as essential partners in Common Core implementation
• Ensure that teachers receive the training and support they need and deserve
• Give educators access to quality Common Core curriculum resources as quickly as possible

Improve public trust in Common Core implementation

• Ensure ongoing parental and citizen participation and input into Common Core implementation

Protect student privacy

• Establish strict data protection and security requirements, while ensuring that appropriate educational and operational data-sharing can occur
• Halt the State’s relationship with inBloom