College Student Sues Government Alleging Abuse In Detention

02.11.10 | FL News Team

A Pennsylvania college student filed a suit against the federal government on Wednesday claiming he was detained for five hours at Philadelphia's airport in August for carrying a set of English to Arabic flash cards. Twenty-two-year-old Nicholas George is alleging he was handcuffed and abusively interrogated by TSA officers, Philadelphia police and FBI agents. George, a senior majoring in physics and Middle East studies at California's Pomona College, uses the cards for his college language studies. A federal official told the "Washington Post" that George's conduct became erratic during a security screening, which led authorities to investigate.

 In the suit, George contends he was returning to school when TSA officials spotted the flash cards. They allegedly asked him what his views were on the attacks of September 11th and what language Osama bin Laden speaks. Later, FBI agents asked him who he had spoken to during his travels, which included a semester as an exchange student in Jordan and trips to Sudan, Ethiopia, Egypt and Indonesia. Agents eventually released him, convinced he was not a threat.