Cold Weather Causing Furnace Problems

02.28.14 | Bob Price

The prolonged cold temperatures this winter have caused more furnace issues throughout the area.

Technicians with Isaac Heating & Air Conditioning say that they've had more calls than usual for broken furnaces around the area this year.

They say that most systems in our area are designed to heat down to five degrees, but with long stretches of temperatures below that, it causes a strain on the system.

“Normally we get negative temperatures for a day or two but back to back to back has caused weird things to happen this year. For example, we had gas meters actually freeze up, froze up and stop gas from coming into the house which is very strange. Lots of things with fuel oil gelling because of the extreme temperatures and that sort of thing,” says Matt Gleason of Heating & Air Conditioning.

Gleason says the best way to stop your furnace from breaking is with preventative maintenance.

He says by having a technician come out and clean your furnace's filters, it can save you a lot of trouble down the line.