Coffins Of Polish President First Lady On Display Today

04.13.10 | FL News Team

As Poland mourns the deaths of its leader, the coffins of President Lech Kaczynski [[ Kah-CHIN-skee ]] and his wife Maria are scheduled to be on display today at the presidential palace in Warsaw. Officials say a memorial service for all 96 people killed in a plane crash in western Russia will take place on Saturday. They add a state funeral for Kaczynski and his wife may be held either the same day or on Sunday. The funeral is expected to be attended by various heads of state and government.

 A number of Polish government officials also died in the weekend crash, but it's not viewed as plunging the nation into either political or economic turmoil. Still, Poland's acting president plans to announce a date for an election on Wednesday. He emphasizes it's important to shorten the period of uncertainty in the country. The constitution of Poland states an election must be held within 60 days of the announcement.