Clunker Vouchers Now Available For Future Use

08.14.09 | FL News Team

There's no longer any need to rush into the "Cash For Clunkers" program. The "Detroit News" says the Transportation Department has changed the rules so motorists can't find a suitable replacement for their gas guzzler on a dealers lot can now collect a voucher for future use. The change has become necessary because so many dealers have been stripped of qualifying vehicles. The new guidelines allow motorists and dealers who've reached a purchase and sale agreement on a vehicle already in the production pipeline to qualify for the program. Dealers will have to provide an actual vehicle identification number provided by the manufacturer before the transaction can be submitted for processing.


Representative Candice Miller and Representative Fred Upton, both of Michigan, had suggested the change. Miller thanked the Transportation Department for modifying the program. She said, quote, "this change is necessary because many dealers have begun to run out of the most popular cars due to the incredible success of this program." As of Thursday morning, dealers had submitted 338-thousand, 659 vehicle voucher requests on the governments website.