Church Cuts Up Old Pews And Gives Them To Attendees

01.10.11 | Sarah Harnisch

   Presbyterians are celebrating a 5-million dollar renovation of a church in Rochester. What's interesting is when you renovate a church... what do you do... with all the old stuff? The Third Presbyterian Church found a neat way to dispose of old wooden pews. They had them cut down into small crosses-- then handed them out-- to their constituents as a way to remember the old-- but that God is also always in the new. The pastor of the church said so many have done so much over an extended period of time to make that church what it is today. But the real dedication will begin with use, and when they start to wear the place out  again. That church-- by the way-- really needed the renovation. It's first building was established in 1827 but burned down in 1858, and this was the replacement.