Christians Are Mobilizing Behind The Boy Scouts

02.22.13 | Sarah Harnisch

On Thursday, the Southern Baptist Convention did an all-call to people of faith and christian businesses, to raise money for the Scouts so they don't have to rely financially on groups that support gay rights. They said "we called on businesses and corporate leaders who believe in the values of sexual purity and biblical righteousness to render support for the Boy Scouts of America."

Meanwhile, the Family Research Counsel is hoping to sway opinion as they prep for a vote on whether or not to allow gay scouts and leaders. The Christian lobbying group is planning to hand-deliver a petition to 290 scout counsels across the country, to show the scouts there is tremendous support for traditional family values. In late May, 14-hundred national Boy Scouts counsel members will vote on whether or not to permit gay scouts and leaders. The Family Research Counsel says thousands of Americans have called their offices, asking what they can do. The FRC is hoping for a powerful showing on the petition. If you'd like to sign it or see it, go here.