Christian Relief Groups Sending Food Pajamas To The Japanese

03.25.11 | Bob Price, Sarah Harnisch

 Minnesota-based Feed My Starving Children is sending more than a half-million meals to Japan.  The Christian food charity got the request after the earthquake, tsunami and nuclear crisis there.  CEO Mark Crea says they already sent one shipment of 50-thousand meals of rice, soy, dehydrated vegetables, vitamines and minerals. He says "we are shipping two more sets of meals this week. The total of those shipments will amount to just over 600-thousand meals."  They cost 24 cents each.  If you would like to donate, go here.

Meanwhile, thousands of pajamas are headed to Japanese children, too.  It's all thanks to the Pajama Program, an organization that helps kids in distressed situations. Founder Genevieve Piturro says the goal is to make children displaced by the natural disaster feel a little more at home. She says "it's snowing. And the children are displaced-- their whole family. They are sleeping on floors, on food lines. It's all we have, but it's something we want to give." The program is part of a larger effort to get retailers and businesses to donate clothing, blankets and other products to the Japanese.  So far, eleven-hundred pairs of pj's have been collected and are being shipped out today.  Donation information for this ministry is here or here.