Christian Group Defends Its I Phone App

03.22.11 | Sarah Harnisch

   The Christian group "Exodus" has come out with an application for an Apple i-phone that "cures" gays and lesbians of homosexuality. That's how gay rights groups word the story. But what about Exodus? They had their turn to publically defend themselves Monday. The group says its app is being grossly misrepresented. They said it's simply an extension of their website-- and lets users access the ministry's events, blog, videos, podcasts, and their facebook page. As of Monday night, over 107-thousand people have petitioned Apple to remove the Exodus app from the iTunes store. The petition, launched by Truth Wins Out, a L.G.B.T. rights group, calls Exodus' message "hateful" and "bigoted." Exodus said "we want to ask that there would be fair and equal representation of religious beliefs. We would like to see the spirit of diversity and tolerance that is so valued within the LGBT community." Apple has given the Exodus app a 4+ rating, meaning the app contains no objectionable content and is open to users of all ages. Exodus said their message is to promote the love of Jesus Christ to all those who have been impacted by unwanted same-sex attractions; not to "pray away the gay".