Christian Filmmaker In Hiding Following Ambassadors Death

09.12.12 |

For the first time in 33 years, a U.S. ambassador has been killed on the job. Christopher Stevens had just assumed his position in Libya in May. Stevens suffocated inside a car in Benghazi last night, a car hit by a rocket propelled grenade, as he was trying to rescue the workers inside the consulate. Three other American personel in the vehicle with him were killed by gunfire. The protest was sparked over a film made by a Israeli filmmaker living in California, describing the persecution of Coptic Egyptian Christians, and the violence of Muslim extremists. He has gone into hiding and is facing death threats. The U.S. State Department's first press release last night criticized the filmmaker, not the muslim extremists. A second press release today yanked all references to the filmmaker. Conservatives say it's not about politics, it's about standing up for our ambassadors, for the rights of Christians, and standing against those who use violence and murder to make their point. U.S. Secretary of State said the people responsible represent a very small Muslim extremist group, and the Libyan government does not support it.