Christian Featured On Abc Show Secret Millionaires Last Night

03.07.11 | Sarah Harnisch

A Christian millionaire was on national t.v. last night, on an ABC show called "Secret Millionaires." The show takes the rich into the most depressed places of America for a week, forces them to live as the poor live, and then they in turn write checks out of their own personal bank accounts-- to the places they volunteered.
   Millionaire Dani Johnson said she turned the offer down 5 times from ABC, on the premise that Matthew 6:3 says "do not left your left hand know what your right hand is doing." She didn't want her gifts to be televised. But she said she later realized it was a God thing-- to let her light shine before men, so they knew the Father in heaven. For Sunday's episode, Johnson traveled to Knoxville, Tennessee, and stayed in a rancid apartment. She worked with the homeless and with orphans, washed their feet, trimmed their fingernails, served hot meals, and spoke into their lives. She said at the end of it all, God convinced her it was the heart of the giver that the Lord was after. She said she did the show to mobilize others to get involved. She said a lot of her comments on her beliefs were edited out, but hopefully viewers saw the heart and the actions behind the faith.