Christian Bus Tour Kicks Off Today In South Carolina

01.19.12 | Sarah Harnisch

A "Values Voter" bus tour sponsored by the Family Research Council and the Heritage Foundation - kicked off today in South Carolina and will continue through election day. F.R.C. President Tony Perkins says the purpose of the bus tour is to uphold fiscal sanity, protecting marriage, safeguarding religious liberty and protecting the rights of the unborn.  Perkins says Rick Santorum is the candidate that most embodies these values. Perkins says "he's consistant on the issues and his principles, we don't have to worry about things coming out that would challenge his lead, and so we thought-- you know what? If we're going to take a public stand, it's going to be with him."  The certified election figures from Iowa show Santorum won the January 3rd first-in-the-nation caucuses, after earlier reports indicated that he lost to Mitt Romney by eight votes.  After a final count, Santorum was up by 34 votes.  The Des Moines Register is calling it a tie.