Children Not Vaccinated At Higher Risk Of Catching Whooping Cough

05.26.09 | FL News Team

Researchers say one in 20 children not vaccinated against whooping cough will catch the contagious virus. The study by Kaiser Permanente Colorado's Institute for Health Research also indicates that only one in 500 who got vaccinated came down with whooping cough.

Some parents have kept their children from getting shots due to possibly putting them in peril of risks such as autism. Preventing the children from getting the vaccines has upped the odds that vaccine-preventable illnesses may show up in clusters.

Epidemiologist Dr. Jason Glanz says a "tipping point" to an outbreak may be if immunization rates dip below 90 percent. Glanz hopes the study can provide doctors with more information to advise parents of the risks and benefits of immunization. The research is published in the journal "Pediatrics."

Whooping cough involves uncontrollable deep coughing. Infants are most vulnerable, although it is rarely fatal.